third story apartment is a design studio —
creating visuals + branding for dreamers, magic makers, and action takers.

let’s get down to first person writing. 

i am lindsey eryn. affectionately known as lin or linny to some. i am serial entrepreneur, the whitest half mexican you’ll ever meet, and a wild dreamer. i believe that brunch (specifically, french toast and mimosas) is the most magical meal of the day, that john mayer is an absolute legend, and that each of us were made with a dream and a purpose we were meant to live out.

k! bye, formalities!

in 2005, i left sunny california for the middle of nowhere oklahoma and attended oral roberts university for a degree in psychology and theology. (yeah, i know — definitely on the opposite spectrum of design!) i was determined to be a counselor for teen girls. somewhere, in the middle of junior year — i decided to switch things up and got involved with advocacy for social justice. i wanted to be a freedom fighter. i joined an on campus club (p.s. i promise…this is going somewhere!)… okay, back to where we were — i joined an on campus club and started planning and hosting events around town and on campus to raise funds and awareness to causes like sex trafficking and child soldiers.

i was on a mission to create world change as a young twenty-something year old, and couldn’t find a designer to follow through and deliver promo posters. #flakycollegekids

frustrated to the max, i decided that i needed to learn photoshop so that i never had to depend on a graphic designer again. i bribed a friend (heyo, gabby vonigas!) with a cup of coffee and she gave me an hour lesson on the basics of photoshop.

and that was the beginning of everything. 

in 2009, i graduated from oral roberts university and moved into a third story apartment on the corner of 91st and yale in tulsa, oklahoma. while i had never seen myself as a creative person, my new found love for photoshop was showing me that i was creative — i merely had to work at it, and build up my creativity like muscle. my third story apartment became a place of creation. with the john mayer and kings of leon near by, blaring through the stereo, i began to create just for the sake of creating. creating wasn’t just a digital thing anymore though. i was getting away from the computer, visiting thrift stores and habitat for humanity to get old furniture and refurbish it, repurpose it, and resell it.

start here.
PT 1: the autobiography

PT 3:
 the online debut

PT 3: the online debut

PT 2:
third story apt is a real place

PT 2: third story apt is a real place

end here.
PT 4: speed up to present day

end here.
PT 4: speed up to present day

in 2012, after living in tulsa for seven yeas, i packed up my SUV and drove back across the country to california. i was back home, permanently, and ready to join the family business: real estate. (btw, i got my license when i was 18. my dad told me it was a pre-requisite to be in the clark family. to this day, i am a licensed realtor in california… and so is every member of my immediate family.)

a few of months of residential real estate and cold calling to see if someone wanted to sell their house was a few months too much. i quickly realized — real estate is not for me. needing to make money to feed my coffee addiction and wanderlust spirit and coming up against the very real reality of a tough job market, i flippantly decided to create a website and begin offering social media and graphic design.

paying tribute to the place that brought out the creativity in me, i named it third story apartment. within 24 hours of launching my website, i landed my first client and took my first step into the waters of entrepreneurship.

so, here we are, six years later, in 2017. that one photoshop lesson in an empty starbucks in tulsa, oklahoma has given me the privilege and honor of working with big and small brands all over the world.

from social media strategy, to business coaching, to building brands and equipping them with the materials they need to make an impact— i’ve done it all. 

at the core of third story apartment is a desire to create something that didn’t exist before and empower other magic makers with the visual tools they need in order to launch their dreams into the atmosphere and inspire change and beauty in the world.