third story apartment is a design studio —
creating visuals + branding for dreamers, magic makers, and action takers.


the studio

third story apartment is a design studio, based in california. owned by lindsey eryn, the heartbeat of the studio is to create something that didn’t exist before and empower other magic makers with the visual tools they need in order to launch their dreams into the atmosphere and inspire change and beauty in the world. 

we believe that we were created for a purpose and that our dreams are not a tease. in fact, we believe our dreams are ideas that are waiting to be brought to life and it’s our responsibility to see them through.

we know that dream chasing is no easy feat and that it takes a team of people to make a dream come to life. our deepest desire is to be on your team — to help you, to fill in the gaps for you, and to cheer you on along the way!




fact no.

graduated university with a degree in psychology & theology


fact no.

lindsey worked for a non-profit traveling the world carrying out ground breaking humanitarian projects such as bringing aid to victims of sex trafficking in thailand and providing clean water to remote
tribes in panama.


fact no.

she is known for picking a place on the map
and going to live there for a few
months at a time.


fact no.

in another lifetime, her ideal job would be to work at spotify making playlists.

listen to the most recent playlist


fact no.

she believes that brunch is the most magical meal of the day.

gimme all the french toast! 

(and a mimosa, please!)


fact no.

she is the middle child
an entj
and a 8 on the ennegram

(and half mexican!)