Launching a brand can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. our mission is to give you the tools and assistance you need in order to take your wild dreams, visions, and ideas and make them a reality in the world. 

you can say goodbye to boring cookie-cutter templates that look and feel bland and expensive custom projects that cost six months salary. the easy-to-use website templates make it easier than ever to launch your ideas and create a memorable brand and website that attract your ideal client and help you land more clients and sales! unlike traditional website templates, the third story website templates are completely customizable to you, your brand, and your needs. which means, putting your ideas out into the world is about to get real easy! 

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you’re on a mission to make a big impact on your community + world, but you’re not sure if you are missing something? if you’re on the right track? or how to move forward effectively?

we’ve got your back. during our brand clarity call, we’ll cover all the big topics such as social media, branding, web design + layout, and marketing. together, we’ll evaluate where you are and what changes you can implement to what you’re doing in order to be more effective and get on track to meeting your goals. 

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almost ready to launch? but, want someone to review your site and make sure that everything is in tip-top shape? we got your back. once you've finished customizing your website template, book a 3 hour "fine tuning" session— we'll hop on a 30 minute call to address any concerns and then get to work fine tuning your site so it's ready for launch! 


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not ready to DIY your own site? we get it and we have a solution. we'll work with you one-on-one to tailor your website template to your brand and needs. the process is simple. we’ll walk you through brand homework and help you uncover what makes your brand unique and play into that as we customize your website template. at the end of working together, you'll receive a wordmark logo, colors, fonts, and fully launched website! 


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