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TAILOR your template

and make it unique to your brand

the template tailoring service is perfect for brands and businesses that are just starting out or have been in business less than three years. it’s the perfect remedy if you’ve found a website template from the third story shop that you love, but need a little help customizing the template to make it unique to you and your brand. through the tailoring service, we’ll walk you through brand homework and help you uncover what makes your brand unique and play into that as we customize your website template. 


so,what's included?

investment — $3800



textures or patterns

5 pages of

web template

questions, answers

faq's to help you navigate your way through decision making

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why should i buy a template? 

the templates were created to stand out and attract ideal client with their unique layout, textures, and graphics. so, whether you are just starting out or like to DIY things on your own—the third story template are a great way to get the custom feel but on a budget. 

What does it mean to tailor a website template? 

when we tailor your site — we’ll work together to customize the fonts, graphics / patterns / textures, images, and even your wordmark! essentially, we’ll be able to go in and tailor everything to fit your brand— with the exception of the layout. if you are looking for a more customized layout, then check out the custom branding options. 

is a logo included with this package? 

as a bonus, the package comes with a free word mark to accompany your new tailored site. after receiving your brand homework, we’ll create 2 art directions for you to choose from. once you decide which direction you’d like to follow through with, you’ll be able to make one revision. if you’d like a more official logo with a full brand identity, that can be purchased with an additional fee.

how many pages do i get to customize? 

with the tailor service, you have the option to customize up to 5 pages of your site. if you need additional pages, no worries! we can make that happen for an additional fee. 

How do i get started?

it’s easy as 1-2-3! fill out the form below— give us all the details on who you are, what your brand / business is, and what template you’re interested in. you’ll be contacted shortly after you submit your request to tailor a site. from there, we’ll hop on the phone and make it official. 

What’s included in the package? 

in the tailor package — we’ll walk you through brand homework that will help uncover what makes your brand unique. throughout the end of the process, you’ll walk away with a free word mark for your brand, a launched website that is fully functioning and has been tailored to your brand, and all the graphic files used on your site. in addition, you’ll receive a one-on-one website training so you know how to update your website in the future. 

can i have an ecommerce section on my site? 

yes! 100% — shopify buy buttons can be added anywhere to the site. if you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. 


let's tailor make somethin'!


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