Asked Questions

why should i buy a template? 

the templates were created to stand out and attract ideal client with their unique layout, textures, and graphics. so, whether you are just starting out or like to DIY things on your own—the third story template are a great way to get the custom feel but on a budget. 

what is showit? 

showit is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop web design platform which will host the design of your website. based in arizona, they have the friendliest customer service + support team that will help you at any point in time with your site. 

why do you recommend showit? 

the platform is incredibly user friendly making keeping your site super easy. showit also gives you complete control over design — so, unlike other platforms you aren’t restricted. if you want a to overlap photos, do it! if you want to add texture, add away! 

is showit mobile friendly? 

YES! showit is incredibly mobile friendly. you’ll be able to have complete control over what your mobile site looks like. most platforms will just squish all your information to a smaller screen leaving the mobile site to look somewhat chaotic. but, with showit— you have the opportunity to customize it. so, no more cutting off photos at awkward parts. 

do i need design experience to set up my site? 

no, you don’t need any design experience to set up your site. showit is super user friendly— with a drag and drop platform, there’s no coding involved. 

what can i customize? 

you can customize anything within your template— colors, fonts, graphics, images, gallery layouts. everything is fully customizable. if you want to move sections of the site around, you can easily do that too! and, yes! you’ll be able to add your own logo in too!

what do i get with my purchase? 

with your purchase, you’ll receive a “design key” for the website template. in addition, you’ll receive access PSD files to switch out the colors of any textures that are used in your site template. 

do i need to purchase anything else to set my up my website? 

the only thing that you will need to purchase in order to get your site up and live is a membership to showit. they have three different membership options that you can choose from. 

can i keep my blog? 

YES! you can definitely keep your blog and all your content. when choosing a subscription with showit, be sure to choose either “basic blog” or “advanced blog”. showit’s team will help you migrate your content to your new blog.

will i blog using wordpress?  

yes, you will be blogging and uploading content via wordpress. through showit, you’ll be able to have control over the design of your blog. meaning, all editing of the site will be done on showit, and all blog content will be written and posted on wordpress. 

do you help with site set up? 

yes, definitely! we offer a restyling service— where we’ll take your template and help you completely customize it to your brand. you can get all the details for that here. 

what is your refund policy? 

due to the fact that this a digital product with a design key provided upon purchase — there are no refunds or exchanges. 

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