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entrepreneurship is a journey, and the more you know, the further you can go. after a decade of working, creating, and producing— i've learned a lot. these freebies are drenched with the knowledge that has helped me grow and scale my business into something more successful than i could have ever imagined. i hope that these tools and resources serve you well too. 

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this comprehensive guide will empower you to assess every aspect of your website, ensuring it's in tip-top shape to convert leads into sales. your online home deserves to shine, and this checklist is your roadmap to make it happen.

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The Website Audit

if you ask me, fonts can make or break a brand. they can completely transform the way that people see your brand and interact with you. they can make you look expensive and viral-worthy or they can make you look like an amateur that's just starting out. if you're ready to take your brand's aesthetics to the next level, i got your back. download the freebie and get access to 21 of my favorite fonts that will make your brand look vibey. 

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To Elevate Your Brand


imagery can make or break your brand and website. while brand photoshoots are a amazing, not every budget has extra room to invest in photos. the good news: your budget is something we can work with. there are other options. enter: stock imagery (that don't suck and have a total vibe). i love a good vibe and i've done the hard work for you— curating 40+ collection of photos that you can use across your brand and website. 

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Photo Collections

40+ Curated Stock

every day, there are opportunities to monetize your website and increase your income so that you can afford the things you want, the lifestyle you want, and live a life of freedom. this free guide will walk you through 10 easy ways to monetize your website (asap!) so that you can increase your income and reach your financial goals. 

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Monetize Your Website

10 ways to 

say goodbye to a website that doesn't convert or showcase your work.  no more losing business to the competition or sending people to a website that makes you cringe. it's time to step into a new era— this is the season to expand and reach your full potential.

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