Launching a brand can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. our mission is to give you the tools and assistance you need in order to take your wild dreams, visions, and ideas and make them a reality in the world. 

need to bounce ideas off someone? you got it. need a website in one week? i'll make it happen. want to take the internet's breath away with a tailored website that attracts high-ticket clients? let's do it. tell me your vision, i'll make it a reality.

third story apartment is where the ideas of wild dreamers come alive. so, know this: you're in the right place (especially, if you want to lock-in higher-paying clients and close more sales).

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cut the line and get stuff done. this expedited design experience allows you to stop waiting around and take action on design wish list items  that are going to move the needle in your business. no more waiting months on end to finally clean-up your website, add a shop to your site, or add that sales page or freebie— choose the day and you'll get my undivided attention for 8 hours. 



Design Day

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you've got big dreams, but you don't have time to set your website template up. nbd. i got you. in this service, we'll do the heavy lifting for you— inputting your existing branding, colors, fonts, and imagery to a third story website template of your choice with the option to mix and match tempaltes. this is an "overnight" transformation completed within 7 days. at the end of the week, your brand will have experienced an extreme make-over that will leave your potential clients in awe. 



One Week

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not ready to diy your own site? we get it and we have a solution. we'll work with you one-on-one to tailor your website template to your brand and needs. the process is simple. we’ll walk you through brand homework and help you uncover what makes your brand unique and play into that as we customize your website template. at the end of working together, you'll receive a wordmark logo, colors, fonts, and fully launched website (up to 8 pages).




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you've got big dreams and aspirations. you know that you're onto something, but you need a little guidance to get from where you are to where you want to be. in this 50 minute call, we'll audit what you are doing and what you can change in order to get better results. nothing is off limits here. you set agenda— from reviewing your website to diving deep into your marketing strategies. the goal is to create a game plan so you can hit the ground running and thrive. 

$250 for a 50 minute call