here's the deal: we were taught wrong. we were told to develop a skill and trade it, along with our time, for money. but, at some point, you're going to run out of time or energy. you can only go so far with that model. 

what IF THERE WAS A DIFFERENT WAY TO DO THINGS? and instead of trading time for money— you COULD develop a product AND sELl IT over and over again? 

what if your shift in effort changed everything?  what if you could make more money, but at the same time—

  • work less and rest more 
  • travel the world & explore your passions 
  • spend more time brunching and making memories 
  • slow down to enjoy your family 
  • build a life you're wildly obsessed with

would you do it? 



  • work less and rest more 
  • travel the world & explore your passions 
  • spend more time brunching and making memories 
  • slow down to enjoy your family 
  • build a life you're wildly obsessed with

would you do it? 

stuck b/c you keep waking up hoping for change, but you don't know how to get there 

overwhelmed with bills and responsibilities and craving financial freedom

exhausted from client work and deadlines & on the verge of burn out 

frustrated that you're working so hard,
but there never seems to be enough money in your bank account

burned out from the hustle and ready for something that allows you to slow down & enjoy your life 

Maybe right now, you are feeling...

Listen, I get it. I've been there.

discouraged from trying and confused on how to make passive income work for you

you could be wildly generous and give back and financially help your family and loved ones

you could start investing and building generational wealth 

you could have the freedom to travel more and live the life you imagine

you could live stress-free and not be worried about if you have enough money to cover your financial needs

you could stop trading your time for money and start enjoying your life 


take a minute to dream... 

you could stop overworking and spend more time with your family

This coURSE IS FOR THE DARING BELIEVERS WHO ARE READY for a new way of working and making money, who aren't afraid to do something unconventional to create wealth and live a life of freedom— freedom from the 9-5, freedom from overworking and insane schedules, freedom from financial brokenness, freedom from the old way of doing things. 

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A Guide to start Making Money In Your Sleep & Creating Wealth

Inside The Guide

take a look at

10 in-depth Modules

from start to finish, this guide breaks down everything you need to know about creating passive income. we start with defining your "why", then move on to ideation, testing the idea, development, launching, marketing, and automating  everything so you can sit back and watch your phone light up with sales notifications. 

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Worksheets to guide you

it's one thing to read something and another thing to interact it. this guide is interactive and action-oriented— asking you questions and giving you room to think, brainstorm, and strategize for the future in a mentor-inspired experience. 

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50+ Passive income iDeas to get started 

this guide isn't just laying out the facts— it's delivering the inspiration and providing ideas so that you can take action. think of it like we're texting back and forth brainstorming ideas of what you can do to make more money asap. this guide gives you 50+ ideas that can be used and applied to any industry.

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Tools & Resources to bring your ideas to life

a big part of bringing ideas to life is having the right tools and resources at your disposal. this guide provides and in-depth list of tools and resources available to make the ideas you have become a reality. 

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launching & Marketing strategies

a big part of having a successful experience with passive income is developing a strong launch and marketing strategy. this guide shares everything you need to know in order to launch your passive income product with ease and confidence so you an experience big wins.

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after the Guide,
 You will...

my goal is to set you up for a win

be able to make sales even when you're offline and living your life

be able to eliminate hustle, slow down, and enjoy your life 

have the tools to increase monthly income and find financial freedom

gain the confidence & strategy to market and sell your product online

have the knowledge to develop & launch a quality passive income product

if you put what you learn from this guide into action, the natural byproduct will be an increase of income. it's inevitable and available.

there are no secrets, just tools— and learning how to use them to your advantage. the guide will break down everything you need to know to build & launch a successful product.

it all starts here, with your decision to invest in yourself and your future and buy the guide so you can find the freedom you crave.

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how It works

the path forward

every day we're faced with opportunities. we have the choice of how we'll invest our time, money, and energy. here's the reality: you can spend a weekend binging a series on netflix or spend that same amount of time developing a product that you can make and sell over and over again. one will take money out of your pocket and fill your mind with nonsense. the other will set you up for success and put you on a trajectory to increase your income month after month. one will take from you; the other will give back to you. so, which will you choose? what will you do? how will you spend your time? it takes grit and dare to choose the latter— to decide to create, develop, and market a product. but, i can tell you this: if you select this option, you'll never stop being thankful that you invested the time, money, and energy to learn how to make passive income. it's the investment that will keep giving and change your life and financial future.

your future self will thank you for investing in yourself and your business 

don't hold yourself back

Hi, I'm lindsey eryn— the friend who wants to see you win 

the dreamer behind it all

mentor, guide, friend— call me whatever you want. that part doesn't matter. what does matter is the fact that i want to see you win. i stumbled into entrepreneurship a decade ago— in that time, i've done many things. some failed, some succeeded. but, out of everything i've done, taking the time to develop passive income was the wisest decision i ever made. it gave me the freedom and flexibility to travel more, spend more time with my family, to enjoy slow mornings, and late nights with friends. it's relieved me of stress and financial worry by giving me more control over my life and finances. passive income has been the gateway to increasing my income year after year. it's changed my life. i wrote this guide because i want you to experience the same thing— b/c i know it's possible for anyone who dares to try. 


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