for those who want
to get stuff done

you're on a mission to make an impact and expand your business. you have all the ideas but don't have the time or energy to do things on your own. you know exactly what you want and need someone to come in and execute your design needs so that you can keep pushing forward toward your goals. 

the VIP design experience offers a quick solution for driven entrepreneurs who are ready to get down to business to launch, expand, and optimize their business. we'll have 8 hours to knock out the website and design projects you've been itching to get done so you can move the needle in your business. 

the process is easy: 1) apply for a design day 2) tell me your vision 3) i'll make it a reality so you can keep moving towards your goals. 

A Design Day

for you if...

don't have time
To wait

you've got plenty of goals, but you don't have time to 2-3 months time to wait to get your design needs completed so that you can move forward and expand your business.

you're overwhelmed &
exhausted trying to do it on your own

of course, you could try to finish these projects on your own, but you're starting to feel overwhelmed and burned out from tryin to DIY it. you're ready to delegate these projects out and stay focused on your zone of genius. 

you want the magic
touch & to move foward 

you don't want these projects to sit on the back burner anymore. you know they are important and are going to impact your business and you need someone else to come and throw you an assist to get them done.

This is Perfect


template set-up: add brand fonts, colors, fix spacing, and social links, etc.

Fine Tune: adjust and clean up an existing showit website that is completed but needs the magic touch

new page design: add a sales page, instagram landing page, affiliates page, etc. 

ecommerce set-up: add an ecommerce page to monetize your website & implement buy buttons

freebie / canva templates: create additional assets to help you market your business and monetize your site


VIP Design



Don't let lack of

Book your design day

you're ready to step into a new era of success and grow your business. the first step is to apply to book your project. after we confirm, we'll pick your design day.

get your content ready

before we get started, you'll want to get all of your content ready! we cannot start without it. you'll receive a checklist of everything you need to have prepared after our initial discovery call. 

show up

show up! this day is devoted to you and your brand. it'll start off with a 9AM strategy call and will require your immediate feedback throughout the day to stay on schedule for a complete design overhaul. 

From New

From New Opportunties

time hold you back from

 time hold 


you back

say goodbye to a website that doesn't convert or showcase your work.  no more losing business to the competition or sending people to a website that makes you cringe. it's time to step into a new era— this is the season to expand and reach your full potential.

Are You Ready?

let's create
your dream website