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easy-to-use website templates

take your brand to the next level with an easy-to-use website template and within days launch a website days that you're confident in and empowers you to live out your dreams! 

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easy to use website templates

launch a website that you're proud of
and that books ideal clients

your website should be working for you, not the other way around. you shouldn't have to waste time trying to learn code or trying to figure out how to make your website not look boring and DIY when you could be building relationships with potential clients and perfecting your craft. With third story website templates, you can launch a website that looks and feels custom while sticking to a budget. you'll save time, save money, and feel confident in pitching yourself to brands, attracting ideal clients, and growing a life and business you love.

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1. Purchase your website template

2. we'll send you your design share key to install your template

3. customize your template to fit your brand. then, pop the champagne and launch your website! 

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I get it—creating a
 brand and website that stands out like neon can be an overwhelming process. 

you don't have to feel stuck with a website that doesn't feel like you or spend countless late nights trying to figure out how to make your website to look less diy and more professional. with third story website templates, we take the guess work out of everything. so you can easily plug in your content and brand elements to a website that is full of personality and leads your potential client through the story of what you do. the easy-to-use template takes the hassle out of web design so you can stick to what you do best, grow your business, and reach your goals. 

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but, the good thing— it doesn't have to be. 

A dream website—
that'll give back to you and your goals.

affordable pricing. get a custom feel on a budget. (think: gucci at nordstrom rack pricing! ;) 

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easy-to-use, no coding or photoshop required. swap out colors, fonts, textures, with the click of a button!

compatible with wordpress blogging

showcase your work with personality

strategically designed to book clients

Swap out colors, fonts, 


with no photoshop or coding required, you can easily customize the website templates to fit your brand and style

with no photoshop or coding required

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get noticed like neon

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